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Video Editing Keyboard


We provide all language, video, and audio related solutions for your content, wether you make videos, or audios, we help you to repurpose your content, to transcribe, translate and caption.

You give us the video or audio file, we type all the content for you

A specialised service, dedicated for interview related transcriptions (Meetings, podcasts, job interviews, market research interviews, academic interviews, etc)

We transcribe and turn your article into an SEO article

We add closed or open captions to your videos

Captions and subtitles on more than 140 languages

Video Editing


Get to Know Us

We are a team of individuals working in the language industry for more than 10 combined years. 

As we acquired more experience within the localization field, we progressively started to receive different transcription projects, interviews, and multimedia content. As we saw the demand grow more significant, as well as our expertise and capabilities, we decided to use our past experience towards transcription projects that will help our clients and partners to achieve their goals. 

We are committed to helping you bring your content from audio or video, into a readable and editable format regardless of language barriers or impairments.

Thank you for visiting us today!

If you have questions or inquiries, you can contact us through

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