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Can human captions help me to get more views?

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

How many times have you find out yourself trying to come up with ways to increase viewers, and watching time for your content?

I'm sure you are aware that you can use a large range of solutions including ads, better scripts, and better SEO, and the list probably goes on :P

So if you arrived here, you probably asked yourself: Can captions increase views?

Here in this post, we will cover this topic oftentimes overlooked, we will expand on how human made captions will have an impact on your views, which will help you to gain those views, as well as how to increase watching time in your YouTube channel.

Key points

  • How many people really use captions and subtitles?

  • Why do they use captions and subtitles?

  • How subtitles can help my channel?

  • Conclusion

How many people really use subtitles?

From the rise of streaming services to an increase of screens in the home, Preply wanted to explore the reasons behind the obsession with subtitles in the United States and how it relates to how we consume content today. To find out, they surveyed 1,200 Americans on their use of the feature.

Their study showed that up to 70% of Americans from the Gen X use subtitles on their videos.

Yes, we know the figure is quite high, but keep reading, Up to 53% of millennials use subtitles, and (hold on tight!) up to 70% of Gen Z!

Why do they use captions and subtitles?

When asked what their main reason is for using subtitles:

  • Nearly 3 in 4 respondents claimed muddled audio from their content.

  • 61% use them when accents are difficult to understand.

  • 29% prefer to watch their content at home quietly, leaving subtitles on so as not to disturb roommates or family.

  • 27% of Americans rely on subtitles to keep them focused on what they are watching while juggling the distractions of multiple screens, children, pets, work, the news, and more.

  • Nearly 1 in 5 regularly use subtitles in order to learn a new language.

So thanks to the study of Preply, it is clear that the amount of viewers that consume content with subtitles is increasing drastically from generation to generation, which proves that the preference of the consumers is leaning towards consuming more captioned content, and this can heavily benefit you if you use proper captions and subtitles.

How subtitles can help my channel?

In case the above is not enough convincing here are some more facts from research made by translate by humans where it was proved that videos with accurate captions and subtitles had an increase in views of up to 12%.

They also discovered that videos without captions had only a view competition of 68%, whereas videos with captions had a competition up to 96%!


-Can captions help me get more views?

To wrap it up, considering the data and methods shown above. Using accurate human made captions in your content can help not only to boost your views but also will contribute to retain your viewers to stay longer and complete your videos.

If you are looking for affordable human made subtitling or captioning services, our rates start as low as 1.5$ per minute! learn more here:

Thank you!

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